Homemade Beef Broth
Sliced Pancakes
Bread Bacon Dumplin

Soup oft he Day
Fresh Vegetables from our  Region




Roast Beef mit Sauce Remoulade
With Mixed Salad leaves and homemade bread.

Beef Tatar - is freshly prepared
This can lead to a longer waiting time

Butter, Capers , Pickels, Onions and pastries

Warm Sheap Cheese in Prosciutto Coat
With Mixed Salad and pastries

Smoked Trout
With Horseradishcream



Steaks and More from the Lava Rock Grill

Grilled Beef

200g | 300g

200g | 300g

300g | 400g

T-Bone-Steak – on inquiry /pre order
Price depends on the size and weight of the Meat

Dry Aged Filet Steak – on inquiry / pre order
Price depends on the size and weight of the Meat   




Grilled Pork

Filetspies - from pork tenderloin and beef tenderloin with garnish 
Tomahawk Steak
Spare Ribs -
homemade marinated




Chicken Club

Chicken Breast




Grilled Lamb

Lamb chops





Grilled Venison

Depending on what our Huntsman has catched!

:: NEW :: from 12.04.2019
Hubertusburger (venison - burger)





Grilled Fish


North meets south on Chardonnayrisotto
(Salmon slices with prawn spies)




Homemade Burger

Our Burgers will be served with Burger bun
with homemade steakhouse fries and homemade burger sauce.

Beef Burger
Grilled Beeef pati , cheddar, salad, onions , tomatoe, cucumber 

Vegi - Burger
Vegetable pati, salad, onions , tomatoe, cucumber and on request also cheese

Chicken Burger “ Grill Art Style “
Chicken breast, bacon stripes, lettuce, cucumber, onions , tomato, cheddar,
homemade burger sauce and potato wedges